Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thinking about quitting again...

That's right. I'm considering giving up the ghost. Maybe locs just aren't for me. Why? My hair is feeling D-R-Y. In a major way. I don't know what to do anymore. The best thing I did for my locs was the coconut oil/water spritz but the temperature here makes it impossible to carry out and sealing with coconut oil after spritzing with water just isn't the same. My roots are oh-so-soft but as my fingers travel down they meet these hard, rough, crunchy things I call my locs. I've never touched another person's locs so I don't know if this is how they are meant to feel but based on other peoples' descriptions of theirs, I have a feeling they aren't meant to be like this. I don't think I have buildup since I have no residue or smell or anything. I just don't know. I guess I'll wait till I get to London and buy myself some Taliah Waajid Mist Bodifier; it's meant to be good. Wish me luck. :-(

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Heading into month 5..

Yup, it's been five months already!! (well nearly) Time flies.. kind of. I can't believe it's been nearly 5 months already since I saw my fro or combed my hair but on the other hand it feels like it's been FOREVER and my hair is still not fully locked or long! SMH at myself. Anyways.. What has been going on with my hair? I'm still untwisted, yes I am *insert applause here lol* It hasn't been as difficult as I expected. I only redo the front for work and even that I try to stretch out since I'm lazy so since the last time, I only redid the front a couple of days ago. I usually leave them or braid them up, depending on how much I'm caring about my appearance at work. My hair is still meshing, though I will admit it is to a slightly lesser extent. I've realised my "balding spot" is composed of hair that is quite soft and thus feels a bit like the rest of my head did at month 2 or 3. Not really sure why I mentioned that but hey lol. Like I said before, I have been battling "dry" locs. I put dry in quotation marks because I'm not sure if they really are dry or that is just how locs are meant to feel. I plan on waiting till I get to Ghana next month to see if my hair feels extremely different in that humidity or if it really just locs. BUT in a bid to combat it, I did a deep conditioning a couple of days ago when I washed and my hair, whilst damp, did feel softer. Actually now they are dry they are a LITTLE bit softer.. I'll keep doing this and see if it has an effect. My deep conditioner comprised of coconut milk, coconut oil and honey. Proportions wise, I wasn't really fussy. Used about 200ml of milk, like 4 table spoons of honey and the remnants of my coconut oil. Next time I will use more milk because it was a little short but on the whole.. yeah it was cool. I heated it on the stove, poured over my head and then wrapped my hair for an hour with clingfilm. It dripped quite a bit at the temples so sitting down for that hour really was work but it was worth it. Here's me clingfilmed:
Fun times. So I braided them up overnight and took them out the following morning. WHYYYYYYYYYYY do I always think I can undo all the braids in 10 minutes when it took me more than an hour to put them in?? *sigh* As usual, it nearly made me late for work.. well not really because the bus came late but still...was rushing out the door. I did a combination of big braids and small braids.. depending on the thickness since I have varying sizes of locs, though the most in each braid was 6 locs. I liked the result.. here are some pics. PLEEEEEEASE tell me you can see the crinkles this time lol (click to enlarge):

Yeah so.. I like 'em :-) At work I had two black people say they like my hair; one girl during half time says "I like your hair, are they dreads?" I say yes and she's like "Really? Wow they're really nice!" *insert dance* Then after work in the locker room area this guy just walks up to me smiling and says "Hi, how are you? I really like your hair, it's beautiful." He then proceeds to stand in front of me for a couple of secs smiling, looking at it and nodding his head which was a bit random but I was happy from the compliment so.. yeah :-D

In other news.. I have combined a couple behind my right ear. I have a feeling I will combine those in the front as well because they are kind of thin but I'm not really sure. I will wait a bit and see. And it appears my ends are sealing too which is weird because I always thought the ends were the last to lock? Here's a pic:
Not sure how clear that is but that is what I'm talking about. This isn't with all of them, I still have a few curly/straight ends -_- but I'm not watching that. On the whole, I'm happy! I feel I've bored you enough so I'll say my goodbyes.. till next time! Toodles! xoxo

Sunday, October 31, 2010

First Style Attempt.. Ooer..

Yes, I made my first attempt to style my hair. Now what I love about my locs is that I wake up in the morning, shake my head and I'm good to go. However, lately I feel like my hair is thinning.. aaaaaaah!! Nooooooo! For real though, I don't know where it's coming from. There is a particular spot on the top right hand side of my head that gives the impression that I'm balding. When I take pictures with flash, you can see my scalp but without flash it's not so bad. For that reason I have decided not to retwist my hair for a while. Instead of the scheduled Nov. 5th (roughly), I'm thinking of not self-retwisting till the beginning of December, apart from the front row. This is a big deal for me. I really don't know if I can do it but I will try, for the sake of my hair health. I don't care about how I look walking around uni, but for work my untwisted look could be a problem. My solution was to *eeeek!!* style it. So, I braided up my hair after Thursday's wash. I think I did it too tight because taking them down was a nightmare, based on all the loose hair around each loc. Anyways.. this was what it looked like braided, alongside my "balding spot" :-(

No idea what that is about. I'm not sure if it really is thinning or it's due to 1) length or 2) the fact that the front half of my head tends to fall forwards instead of backwards thus giving that impression or a combination of the two. I'll keep an eye on it. The braids were kind of small which also contributed to the take down fiasco. Took them out on Saturday morning in a rush on my way to work. The crinkles are decent, I quite like them. The pics are kind of rubbish but here you go anyways:

LOL.. ok I know you can't really see the crinkles but they ARE there, I promise. My friend actually complimented me on my hair yesterday and he hasn't been the most receptive of my locs :-) Tips for next time
  1. Moisturise hair thoroughly before braiding!! Taking them down I could hear my hair rasping
  2. Do not braid up too tight, especially at the root
  3. Make bigger braids
Overall though, I am happy. I hope they last for the next week and a bit. Toodles!! xoxo

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Month 4 LOL

Um... yeah. Remember I blogged a couple of days back about it being my month 4 anniversary soon? Turned out it was the next day LOL. Took pics but I've been at work this weekend so I didn't have time to post. Nothing special but I just thought I'd commemorate the day. This also shows what my hair looks like a couple of weeks post retwisting, no wash and occasional sleep without a headscarf (click on all pics to enlarge):

Dunno if you can really tell the difference between these and that in the last post but yeah... (I have no idea how come I'm wearing the same shirt as I was a couple of weeks ago, pure coincidence I promise :-D). The last 2 are my favourites :-) :-) Oh and I realised that I promised pics of my last professional retwist which was on Sept. 15th but never delivered. I'll be honest.. I have pictures but they don't really show my hair; I was messing up with make-up and trying to feel sexy (FAIL haha) so I took the two that best show my hair.. Ok that's it. Still waiting for suggestions so feel free to drop me a line.. toodles!! xoxo

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Products I'd like to try

Heyyyy everyone!
Not much is happening with my locs, I hardly think about them to be honest unless I'm thinking about how much I love them lol. It's been nearly 4 months already.. not sure when but there is a reminder on my phone so when it pops up I'll update :-). Now as stated before, I've found being in the UK is a bit tough product wise. The ones I have been exposed to are mostly salon own brand or the ones available (mostly from Pak Cosmetics at Finsbury Park which is closest to me) I've read not so great reviews on them. Shampoo wise I'm currently using TRESemme Moisturising and Deep Cleansing shampoos on my hair. I do like them, I mean they seem alright to me. I like the fact that they are clear which is always a good sign because there is a lower possiblity of build-up, they smell decent and my hair seems to be quite soft and throughly clean (remember I combed out a loc last week? It was virtually lint free, just a FEW strands of material). However, I do feel I could step my game up a bit, especially as it's getting colder :-( The products for which I've read good reviews on are the Taliah Waajid's Lock It Up Gel (experimented with in last post), Aubrey Organics' Honeysuckle Rose Moisturising and Green Tea Clarifying shampoos as well as Giovanni Triple Treat Tea Tree Shampoo. Now I won't lie, they are kind of pricey; so far I've seen the Aubrey Organics going for £9.49 each for 325ml and the Giovanni for £7.99 for 250ml.. hmmm. Not sure about that. My TRESemme is £4.50 each for 900ml from Superdrug and my sis claims there is a store near my place back in London, specifically in Camden Town which sells them for £3.00 so... yeah. Broke student cannot afford these products at the mo' (though the website for the Giovanni gives free UK shipping for orders over £9.95 but still..). You all know I'm a stan for coconut oil (yessir!) but maybe I could try other oils/products for moisturising? Please feel free to leave any suggestions. 

Toodles!! xoxo

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week 14! Second time around

Yes indeedy, I made it to fourteen weeks again! Quite excited actually. My regime has not changed much except now I don't bother trying to stretch my washes i.e. I wash every two weeks. The coconut oil is decent but my hair feels dry after a couple of days of spritzing with plain water, I'm not sure if it's because it's getting colder *side-eye*. So I just reapply as needed. My dandruff has gone down, not sure if this is an effect of not really oiling my scalp (since I can't get to it after I wash lol) so we'll keep an eye on this. Let's see.. yeah that's pretty much it. Working next week so I washed and retwisted today. Here I am before the wash and retwist *I just realised there isn't much of a difference between the back shot before and after LOL. NVM* And believe it or not, there is a headband in there somewhere before I washed.. :

This is the picture that surprised me the most.. I was like "Wow!" (s'cuse the shower *blush*)

I think it shows a lot of progress... don't you think? Ok so retwisting took FOREVER.. I was NOT impressed. Like 4 hours kmt. I can't wait till they mature so they can stop meshing, ugh! I retwisted with the ORS gel but for the front I used Taliah Waajid's Lock It Up Gel. My mum got me some free samples over the summer down in Brixton and I thought I'd try it out. It's a clear gel, which is a good sign. The hold seems decent but I guess we'll have to wait to see how long for, right? I liked the smell as well. If I really like it I'll switch, even though it's a couple of pounds more expensive than the ORS. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummm.. yeah. That's it LOL. Oh yeah, I combed out a loc. I know, I know but only because one of the locs of my hairline meshed with the one behind it. Had to fix it. But come on now.. I've only combed out two this time.. remember the last set?? I think I'm doing pretty well :-) Ok enough talk, pictures time. I hope you enjoy... 

Aaaaaaaaand a comparison shot between this set and last set at Week 14

Toodles! xoxo

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Afro Throwback

Ok if you remember, I did not have my camera for a while so I was unable to take pictures. This coincided  with my loose days (aww..i miss my fro hawk) thus, I have no pictures of my beautiful 'fro. BUT! I have FINALLY managed to connect my phone to my laptop via Bluetooth and hence have a kind of grainy pic of my hair (courtesy of my crappy phone camera), which coincidentally is partially covered. Better than nothing huh?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eleven Weeks In

Yup, it's already week 11 (come Thursday). I've lost track of the weeks now. They are doing well; ends seem to be sealing i.e. feeling hard but when I combed them out I noticed that the lint had moved down to the ends though granted it wasn't that much. To be completely fair it is my fault, I didn't sleep with a scarf for about 3 weeks straight. Live and learn. Did a self retwist last week (got a job.. yay!) that required me to look very neat (plus Dad wouldn't have let me go to my new job with my hair all over the place lol). Did not look half bad. Here's what it looked like today:

I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon at Morris Roots Highgate branch so I'll post pics then. Washed my hair again tonight lol.. erm. That's it. I found some cheap coconut oil at Superdrug; only £1.99 which I use both for my hair and my face when OCM. Check it out. Alright.. Toodles xoxo

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oops.. I think I've messed up my locs

Um, yeah. I feel like made a mistake. Basically, I've had my hair back in a headband consistently for like a week straight now so I haven't really looked at my hair properly in a while. Took off the headband a couple of minutes ago and examined my hairline. Noticed that I may have combined a couple of locs in the front. Uh oh. The rest are skinny whilst that one (which is decently locked considering.. hmph) and the one next to it are bigger than the others. Realised that I have most likely accidentally combined them after washing since they were so small. Damn. Very annoying. This is what they look like:

Pretty noticeable. Hmph. I am not impressed. Not sure what to do since I have a salon appointment on the 15th in preparation for school. Have a job (YAY!) and therefore need to retwist my hair this week (they are quite particular about presentation) so I may take it down and redo it. I'm getting a feeling that I've mistakenly combined quite a few at the back. Man. Extremely ticked off.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

8 Weeks, The second time around...

Hey y'all. So I've hit the 8 week mark again. How time really does fly. Like I've mentioned before, a lot more laid back about this set. They are just doing their thing. I tried a deep condition last week with egg, mayo and honey, courtesy of Kalia-Dewdrop and her tutorial. TBH I did not notice a huge difference in my locs but I'm thinking it's maybe because my hair isn't mature yet? *shrug* I'll try again another time. I also did a baking soda rinse/wash to clarify this week.. Verdict is still out on that. I didn't really have build-up in the first place, since I only use castor/coconut oil and water for the majority of the time and wash quite often. Again, I'm thinking it is because my hair isn't mature yet. My hair IS pretty dry though, I do not know what is up with that. Dry hair is meant to be a side effect thingamajig of the baking soda but my hair was kind of dry before that so I'm not really sure. I did not have this problem when I was loose, what could the problem be? Castor oil worked fine then, a point I've touched upon before. I will be switching to coconut oil this week, hopefully I will see some improvement. Otherwise I'm thinking oils aren't for me? Suggestions welcome. Erm, lets see. Yeah, washed a couple of days ago. Hair feels great. I love washing my hair lol. My question is, why do I get dandruff in the front third of my head? Really? The front looks really bad but I check the back and there is literally no dandruff there. It is really strange. Let's see.. Mum thinks I look messy lol. She cannot stop talking about it. But it's ok. I love her anyways. Plus I really don't care what anyone says about my hair anymore. I know what I'm doing with it. It may look messy now but when they mature.... phew. Hotness. I know it. Haha.. I'm even considering being a semi-freeformer eventually. Yeah boy, get it. LMAO. Ok I think that's it. Have a couple of pics to update my progress. Forgive the PJs :-) And lol at my baby hairs.. No idea why my hair does that. Texture is a curious thing...

Toodles!! xoxo

Thursday, August 19, 2010

How being natural makes me feel..

Beautiful. Really. Ok not beautiful as in a "damn I know I'm fine!" sort of way, more of a "there is nothing horribly ugly about me" way. Sure, I'm not at the weight I want to be, my skin isn't clear and smooth they way I would like it, I may not be the prettiest one out there but hey, whatever you know? I do me. It feels great. For me, embracing my natural hair has led to acceptance of myself, completely. Flaws and all. Not to say I don't have insecurities like the relaxed/weaved person, heaven knows I have truckloads full. The difference I've noticed since being natural is that it doesn't bother me as much/I don't focus on them the way I used to. And I love it. How has being natural changed you?
Toodles! xoxo

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random Loc Ramblings

Hey y'all. I haven't updated in a while so I'm just going to ramble lol. Basically..

Hair is itching! Don't want to wash but I'm going to have to. I can't wait till my hair is mature because I NEED to wash my hair every two weeks. After two weeks I'm like aaaaaaargh! I've noticed that I tend to get quite a bit of dandruff around my hairline, I don't know whether it's because the skin there is similar to that of my face and thus needs more moisture. Aah well, I'll figure it out. Been using castor oil since I came back to England but I'm not really feeling it, don't know why. It was cool when I was loose, worked pretty well then to be honest but with the locs, it just doesn't feel right. Going to go back to coconut oil and see how that works. Still a little worried about the size but went to Westfields (Shepherd's Bush) yesterday and saw a decent number of women with stunning locs, a couple with small roots like mine but they had decent sized dreads. For real. There this one woman with a bun.. drop-dead gawjus! Loved it. Oh and I was on the bus last week and there was this couple and they had amazing hair as well. Where are all the locheads coming from? Were they always around or am I just more conscious of it now? Either way, loving it.

Erm lets see. I've got buds! The kind of buds I had the other time, the ones that disappeared after the first real wash lol. Hopefully these ones will stay. I actually have one that feels nearly fully locked. A little nervous about showing my hair at school but at the same time I really don't give a damn. I'm doing me like they do them. They may not agree but they don't consult me before they make their hair choices so I don't need to consult them. I kind of like the shortness but I would like some length at the same time. It's times like this having a blog with a previous experience is good because I look back on my previous entries and see the progress I had made at this point in my journey and it makes it easier. Uhh... I looked into the mirror today after going through my old entries and was like "whoah! My hair has really grown!!" I'm impressed. It kinda crept up on me but it's made me happy tonight. So take pics ppl.. it will keep you motivated, seriously. But tbh this time, I'm more laid-back about the whole thing. I'm basically like whatever dude. Let the hair dread. Have been wondering how long I'll keep this set for.. I'm thinking till I'm 35-40 years young. Then I'll be loose for a while and lock again when I'm like 60. Wishful thinking? *shrug* Whatever I guess. I'm saying whatever alot lol.. sorry. The hair plumped up as promised.. nothing major but less stringy and scalpy. Shall take pictures and post soon. I want to count my locs but there are too many!! Haha.. for real man. I should. I will. That way I can update my stats. 

Umm... been watching BronzeGoddess01 on YouTube alot lately.. love her! She seems so kind and genuine! Plus I cannot believe her age! She does NOT look it.. for real. She has some great genes... and great loc tutorials/make up vids/advice so check her out. Lets see.. I love my hair. Loose, locked, don't matter. I love it. I love my curls. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! When I was loose, I loved my frohawk the most. And co-washing. I adored that. With dreads, I love the fact that in the morning I just shake my head and get to stepping. lol. Ok I think you're bored now so I'll sign off now. Toodles! xoxo

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Yes, as promised, I have a new set of locs! Yay! LOL. Yeah, so basically had these ones started as promised on July 1st 2010 at Morris Roots, Highgate branch. Before I had them installed I went for a consultation I think a week or so before? The guy I spoke to I think is like the manager or something; he was not particularly helpful. He spoke to me as if I didn't know anything about locs, even though I mentioned that I had only just taken down a set. Maybe it's because he couldn't hear me over the reggae music (they tend to blare it... ok if you are having your hair done in silence, not so great when you are trying to speak.) I mean, I guess a lot of people come in without having done any preparation whatsoever, something I find hard to believe but hey, I'm sure it happens. So my consultation was kind of a waste of time. On the actual day, they just told me to sit down at the sink and someone washed my hair. Then my loctician came, introduced herself, gave me a placard to read with rules and advice and then started on my head. I was like... hold up. No-one asked me what size I wanted them, whether I would prefer clockwise or anticlockwise.. nothing. Didn't mention the product being used or anything. It was kind of weird. Plus I personally found the entire setting kind of intimidating so I  was just going crazy in my head without actually saying anything but after a while I was like naah. So I asked what size she was doing and she said medium. I had a few pictures of how I want them to turn out so I showed her and she said "these are locs, your hair is just being started.." or something to that effect. I'm like, erm, I know, but hopefully at the end of the process mine with roughly resemble that. Again, I guess a lot of people come in thinking they are going to have mature locs at the end of the installation, not realising that it takes time. I was kind of concerned about the size; I don't want them too small but at the same time I don't want them being huge. I mentioned the fact that I was worried and my loctician assured me that they wouldn't be too small and they would expand and not to worry. When she finally finished and took out the clips.. I was worried lol. They looked so minuscule! Remember how with the last set I was worried about having too few? This time I felt like I had a million!! Here's how they looked four days after the installation

I kinda loved this look lol. So yes. Oh and if you are wondering, they use their own locking pomade/gel/concoction to twist. Looks pretty good huh? The only thing is that it makes it a little hard for me to spritz as water just rolls off it. Result? DRY FLAKY SCALP. It was really bad. I lasted for as long as I could.. and I simply HAD to wash. Even though on their placard it has a line that goes something like "Please do not panic but it could take up to 3 months before your hair is washed properly." Um... methinks not. I washed twice before I retwisted yesterday, 5 weeks after the initial installation. I thought it would be pretty quick but it was still kind of long. Couple of hours. This time they came out even tinier, I don't really know what to think. I don't want them big but at the same time I do want volume. I see some people with locs that have a lot but volume wise, hair is pretty thin on the ground if you understand me. Probably not. Anyways. There is always combining right? :-) This is what my hair looks like now (I'm amazed, you should have seen me before the retwist, it was practically an afro again lol)

Scalpy, I know. But I'm confident they will plump up in a week or so so no worries for me. I'm just going along for the ride. Highgate branch will be closed for a while so I'm not going back till September. Now I think weather conditions will cause me to rethink my spritz formula, going to go for more oil than water and see how that works out. May attempt to do self retwist at some point, though I was feeling the unkempt look as well (I doubt Mummy dearest will agree though). I guess we'll see. Till next time.. Toodles! xoxo

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My locs.. are no more :-(

Yes, it's true. I no longer have locs :-( I combed them out the night before the world cup. Why? Ugh, so many reasons. Mostly all the critisism; everybody had something to say about them and it played on my already present insecurities. Fear not, they shall be reborn on July 1st! I'm going to Morris Roots at Archway, North London to get them started. It's a smallish salon but the people seem ok. The guy that did my consultation for me was nice, though he had a really heavy accent so I had a little bit of trouble understanding everything he said and he spoke to me as if I had no knowledge about locs at all, even though I'd told him I'd just combed out a set. Never mind. I'm excited, though I am enjoying my loose hair. The frohawk is my signature look atm, hehe. Ah well.. I can be loose in the future. Oh and my sis has gone natural.. yay! She kept her braids in for 6 months (I know right, who does that?!) and so she had to BC. Looks nice on her though she's not so sure. I think she should dye it to give it a little.. OOMPH but hey, no one ever listens to me, even though they eventually end up doing what I say. Ayt, I'll be back when my new set arrives. Until then, pics of how far I'd gotten in my journey. I was actually loving them. They were starting to look like real locs and the size, though a little big, was not THAT bad. Aah, the beauty of hindsight. Anyway... The pics are a little crap so forgive

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back in England

So.. I'm back in England!! Boy oh boy... It is so dry!! I had forgotten JUST how dry the air here is! My skin is in shock.. it feels awful. No matter how much I moisturise, my skin ends up looking all wrinkled and ish. Ugh. Not good. I even tried moisturising no less than 30 seconds after I get out of the shower.. Nope, didn't work.  My face is rebelling with a force. I'm breaking out all over. Plus when I moisturise my skin just looks greasy, you can still see the skin underneath is dry. Horrible. The only way it looks semi decent is if I wear make-up, something I'm not a big fan of. Too much work. Oh and guess what? I took out my coconut oil to make a spritz for my hair.. it had solidified!! I was so shocked, because in Malaysia it was runny; I even thought I'd bought the wrong kind because on Nappturality everyone was saying how they had to melt theirs before use and how theirs was kind of golden. Mine was runny and clear... Not anymore. I had to melt it by putting the bottle in a pan of hot water and it came out kinda golden.. and even when I made the spritz, I came down this morning to find the oil layer hard!! Had to melt again before spritzing. I'm not sure how I feel about this.. Do I really have time to melt my spritz every morning? Plus it means I will inevitably have to cut down the number of times I spritz a day if every session involves me melting it. I dunno, I may end up switching oils which would be a shame because I love the smell of coconut oil. Oh and my cocoa butter has solidified as well.. takes a bit of work to get it out of the jar. This is surprising to me because I've only ever used this brand in hot countries like when I was in Ghana or Malaysia.. The other brand I used when I was in England was solid anyway but yeah.. I just found it really surprising. I guess it makes sense, I mean the temp here is a good 10 degrees or more lower than it is in those countries.

The moment I touched down my family lovingly made it a point to tell me how much weight I'd gained.. repeatedly. Just in case, you know, I hadn't noticed. How kind of them. No really. I appreciate it. KMT. I'm meant to start running.. Haven't gone yet. May do today. Not sure. What I AM sure of though is that the weight will be gone by September. I look hideous.. I can actually see the fat underneath my skin on my arms and stomach. I know.. gross. Imagine what I'm going through.. I have to look at it in the mirror!! I have a bet with a friend.. £50 is at stake.. Motivation for me.

My hair: Hmmmmmmm. LOL. On the night before I left Malaysia I washed it.. and they didn't unravel! Not alot anyway. I was really excited. Got me thinking.. Maybe I wouldn't redo them after all. They look OK, seem to be going on just fine. What I did do, was some more size readjustments. To be honest I really don't know anymore. I log in today and what do I see? My lock twin has only gone and restarted hers! On the day that I was planning on restarting mine!!! Unbelievable..I may go to the salon tomorrow and ask them to take a look at mine, to see how they are coming along and if they can tell me roughly what size they will turn out.  I really do not know any more. One day I'm happy with them, the next day I think they're too big... *sigh* They have started to lock though.. When I did the resizing I actually had to take the entire lock down, I couldn't simply pull out some hair from the lock like I was doing before. It would be such a waste if I started over again.. OK I'm rambling now so I'll stop. No Internet at home so updates will be sporadic but I will keep you posted on what I decide. Toodles!!! xoxo

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Well.. next Sunday will be my 3-month anniversary... But I don't think I'm going to make it. That's right folks.. I am SERIOUSLY contemplating taking them down and starting over :-( I like these locs, but I don't feel them if you catch my drift. The size issue is just too much for me; I'm obsessive like that. I know what I like and that is what I want. And these are not what I want. At least I don't think so. So... yeah. It is pretty sad to be honest because the few originals I have left on my head are actually locking. I guess on the upside, if I start next week, I'll still be about 4 months in before school starts. Still pretty sad about it though.

That is all. :-(

Friday, May 14, 2010

My Texture

Quick post.. I just realised I don't think I have pics of my texture on here.. so here you go

When wet:

When dry

So you see my problem is that when I twist my hair is wet and manipulating it tends to encourage it to stay in the loose spirals instead of afro-ing up, which makes the retwist look good but isn't really great for matting. Spritzing makes it afro up but messes up the retwist. Can't I just have the best of both worlds?? :-) Jk.. I think I will try and have that though.. I may keep my ends unsealed, I like the whole corkscrew curls at the end thing. Ok back to medicinal chem.. ugh

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm Done Y'all

Yup. I'm done size adjusting. For real this time. I think I have a couple of biggies and teenies but for the most part, I believe I'm happy with the mean size. Finally! Haha. Since the locs are at different stages I'm going based on the size of the part (how it feels, a little inaccurate but w/e) instead of the size of the actual loc (duh). Right now I'm about the fuzzies.. Out of control peeps. It looks more like the locs are coming apart, not fuzzying up. Fuzzy equals them having like a halo of loose hairs around the loc right? I dunno how to describe it.. I'll take a pic when I get my camera (hopefully next week). But anyway.. I think I'm retwisting wrong. This is how I do it: I take a bit of ORS, apply to the root and finger twist clockwise. Then I smooth the loc downward with residual water/gel, whatever is squeezed out as I twist. I think I should be palm-rolling from the tip instead.. hmm. Anyone care to help out? Now the question is whether to wash before leaving or when I get to London... I'd prefer to wait to prevent too frequent retwisting but if Mum and my cousin A see me looking like an escaped convict.. I would just rather avoid that. I may just do my hairline in front. Oh and I may have found another source of lint... My ceiling fan!! It has all sorts of stuff on it, I think it's blowing stuff into my hair. Not big bits.. really tiny tiny pieces that I saw when I took down a couple of locs today. They build up though... So now I cover my hair in my room too. All this stress.. I'll just dye the locs at some point LOL

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Retwist Frustration

I am beginning to hate retwisting. I just finished a 2 1/2 hour session after washing.. and it was pure hell :-(. OK so I washed thrice through the stocking cap and once without, to see what would happen. Under the water, the twists seemed to hold up pretty well. Dried with a t-shirt because I figured most of the lint was coming from my towel. There was SO MUCH unravelling afterwards, it should be criminal.  At the roots, they'd mashed together. A lot of my "buds" have disappeared. What the hell is up with that? I am not happy. I'm thinking I'll just have them restarted when I get to London. Ugh. Leaving Malaysia in like 2 weeks so I will buy clips and give it one more try. If it still sucks I'll restart. I am really annoyed.

ETA: I've calmed down some since it's been a couple of days. My hair looks rather neat, which is nice. I noticed I did it kind of tight.. Oh well. Hopefully that means I won't have to redo them before I leave. What I'm looking like now:

I didn't bother taking pics of the back, it always looks messy for some reason *shrug*

Monday, May 3, 2010

WEEK 8!!!

Yay!! I made it to the end of week 8!! Two months.. *sigh* It's weird, sometimes it feels like it's been forever, other times it feels like it's only been a couple of weeks. Anyway. So where I'm at with my hair now iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis... I wash every 3 weeks with Head&Shoulders through a stocking cap (I wonder when I can stop using it because thinking about it, not all the stuff in my hair can actually come out if it isn't dissolved in the water, like lint. I'll give it another couple of months.) I spritz daily/every other day depending on if I remember with a coconut oil and water mix. I discovered using hot water to make the spritz helps make a better emulsion so even when it cools down the oil never really separates. Still have to shake it up though. Oh and before I was simply spritzing and running out the door; now I take the time to rub it into my hair so it feels less oily these days. I guess not rubbing it in meant the oil was just sitting on the hair. Not good. Retwist after each wash with ORS Twist and Loc Gel, though I'm considering looking into something with better hold. I don't spritz often during the  first week after the retwist because it just nullifies all the effort I put into retwisting. Erm.. Yeah that's it. It's exam time so I only leave my room once a day to buy food so most of the time my hair is covered. I'm leaving Malaysia at the end of this month so I will finally one, have pins to retwist my hair properly and two, have the Tresemme shampoos I was talking about. Yay! Ok so pics of my hair atm, nothing special. My face is a war zone for some reason so it's blank faces this time.

Can you see my straight ends? I really do not know what is up with that. I cut them, and then they come back. I guess it's just my texture. Mtchew. It doesn't really bother me, I just don't understand it. Oh yeah I forgot to mention.. I'm looking really scruffy LOL. Can you believe this is two weeks after my retwist? But you know what? For some reason, I couldn't care less. I guess it's part of the loc evolution heehee.  Oh and shout out to my loc twin.. we made it another month!! Toodles!!