Monday, February 22, 2010

"You look mad," "You look a hot mess" and my TWIST OUT!!

Alrighty. Been a while since my last blog.. basically because nothing's been happening LOL. A couple of experiences so I'm going to fill you in on those.

Remember my twists? Yeah they weren't great but I tried and thought I looked a lil cute, at least presentable. That night I went down to meet MH for dinner. He was standing with a random dude, I don't know who he is. When MH saw me he burst into laughter and goes "You look mad." 


I was really upset. I mean, I don't think that was necessary. A simple "Hmm.. I don't like this style, I preferred the other one" would have sufficed. In front of a stranger too. MTCHEW. He made me so self-conscious and for the rest of the week I wrapped up my hair when I left my room. This made me angry, the feeling that I had to cover my hair but at the same time I wasn't ready to expose myself to negative comments. Does this mean I love my hair any less? Not at all.. but I don't see why I should subject myself to that sort of negativity. I can love my hair whether it's covered or not. Some will disagree but hey *shrug.* I honestly believe though I am fairly confident in my hair, I'm too new to it so loads of negativity may break me and I'll end up relaxing again.

Scenario 2: Skype call with my cousin. She's all "Lemme see the hair" so I was like sure why not. Camera comes on, she starts screaming "AI WHAT IS THIS!?! YOU LOOK A HOT MESS!!" Err... ok. Again,  the twists werent professional but seriously? SMH. I've spoken to her twice since and each time she reitinerated the fact that she thought the hair was messy. Ok fine. It's messy. I know you think it's messy. I haven't forgotten. Can we drop it now?

Anyway. So today I had class and to be honest the twists were looking really lived in LOL so I did a twist out. LOVING the result. When I went to class a couple of people complimented me.. whoop! The first girl that asked me where I did it, I told her I did it myself but the second girl I went into more detail about going to the barber first. Then the first girl overhears and is like "Oh so you did go somewhere?" Honestly, if anybody asks me I will initially tell them I did it myself. Why? Because I refuse to credit my awesome looking hair to that barber. He didn't do anything except cut off a few inches.. WHICH I COULD HAVE DONE MYSELF. So yeah.. Great hair today. I'm almost sad that I'm locing it up.. ALMOST! I figured this is the time to rock the locs.. while I'm still young. Ghana can handle a natural female president but I think a loced one would be pushing it haha. My hair is still a bit dry in places but I think it's a result of the water spritzing I've been doing. I need to stop being lazy and go to Cheras for the coconut oil before Friday.. hmm. With the twist out, I realised that if I OVER finger comb, the curls just drop and I end up with a frizzy afro section. Lesson for tomorrow :-D Otherwise I think it was ok. 

OH I FORGOT. I HAVE HEAT DAMAGE!! :-( I'll take pics of that when I wash my hair but yeah, on the top of my head the hair is straight. I was so confused.. then I remembered that in December I tonged my hair for my cousin's wedding. You know Ghana.. that thing is going to go in the mini oven for ages then they put it in your hair, put it back in the oven, repeat... over and over again. I remember I was upset because the thing was too hot and everyone was like it's the oil that's burning, not my hair. HA. Well the result.. no more napps :-( I hope this doesn't affect my starter locs. BTW I'm starting those on Friday/Saturday.. YAY! I'm still debating the size though.. All I know is that I don't want them too small but at the same time not too big. Will get back to you on that. Aight then.. PICTURE TIME!!

Back view. See what I mean about afro sections?

Right side

 Left side

Top view

From here on in its just me tryin to model.. and failing LOL!



And now I leave you with a laugh for the road... because I care :-D 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Next Day...

Ok... So remember the cute wet TWA  I had last night? Not there this morning. This morning I had a DRY, lumpy afro. I looked like an activist. For real. No pictures of that coz it looked too crap, I'm sorry. I need a real comb quick. Coz these ones aren't working out for me. The teeth are too narrow. And not having a blowdryer is killing me, I don't care what people say about heat. Blowdrying always makes my hair soft and that is what I need right now. Right so since it was so dry and I was looking so crazy I put in some two strand twists. First attempt thus they look a lil crappy but I think its kinda cute :-). It took me like TWO HOURS and a bit though coz 1) I'm doing it on my own head and 2) each time I took out a section I had to comb it, or should I DETANGLE, put a whole lot of pomade in it to try and moisturise it before I actually twisted it. A lesson I learnt: the bigger it is, the faster you finish but the worse it will look. When I was done I had to redo the really big ones because they looked so awful. I like the result though.. I'm going to tie them with a scarf to help them lie down a bit but I THINK I can walk around campus like this for a little while without being too embarrassed. On the weekend I'll redo them and then wear them for a couple of days, then a twist out before rocking a frohawk (really excited about that one). 

the comb i'm using atm.. see what i mean about the teeth?

hmmm.. i'm not sure how good this is but its all I got.. beggars cant be choosers. Need some shea butter or olive oil or SOMETHING lol

front.. *unsure*

left side

right side

PS: In retrospect I guess I should have done them smaller b'coz they're kinna huge.. hmm. Ok next time. Forgive! I didnt have a mirror! And my arms were tired!! Lol

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Au naturel baby!! HAHA!


I am officially natural! And it feels jeh! The barber was rather rubbish I must say.. he cut my hair DRY and just started going at it with scissors. For real.. I was like WTH?? You see my hair in the first pic? Thats how it was when he started cutting. I had to actually explain to him the he needs to section the hair before cutting it. And you know how it's easier to see the difference between the natural and relaxed hair when it's wet? How many times did I tell this guy to wet the hair? He just sprayed some useless amount on it (the "sparkles" in the second pic) and kept going.. SMH. He didn't even bother to shape it when he was done. I might as well have done it myself because chale...I was looking crazy.. seriously. Like the people here already don't stare at me enough.. I was walking and some of them had their mouths open.. others were pointing. All the while my friend was tellin me oh I look nice. MTCHEW. I looked like I had escaped from an institute! As soon as I got back though I washed it and cut off the rest. Now, I have a TWA! hahaha :-)




 JUST WASHED WITH MY OWN FURTHER CUTTING COZ YOU KNOW I LOOKED AWFUL (excuse the toiletries in the background.. the rest of e room is worse LOL)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Clean hair feels good :-)

Ok y'all so I spent yesterday taking out my twists... and feeling my mini fro underneath felt so jeh! I was going to cut my hair on thursday but I convinced MH to take me tomorrow!! So yeah.. I will return with pics of my TWA then. For now, you'll have to make do with pics of my hair so far


look how the ends look all thin and the part before the scrunchy is all wavy! :-)


Top shot... all i did was brush :-)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Natural Hair Ain't Pretty

For those wanting to go natural or think natural hair is ugly, not professional... blah blah blah. Check out these bad a$$ fros n locs!



For more fab pics for motivation and style inspiration, go to

How I Spent My Valentine's Day

Ok short post. I've been thinking about blogging all day but now iI'm actually doing it I haven't got much to say. Isn't that always the way? *Sigh*

Yes, its that day again. The day that if you're coupled up, is wonderful; if you're single, you want to die under a rock.

Me? I woke up at 12pm despite going to bed at 1am and setting my alarm for 9am. No, I didnt do my sit ups. I DID, however, take out my hair. Don't you just HATE taking out braids? If they are really long you can just cut the ends off to help but unfortunately my hair is the same length as the braids were so I didn't have that luxury. Took me bloody ages. But yeah, now its out. And it's THICK. And LONG. Am I really cutting it off on Thursday?Wow. Oh, I also played Facebook Scrabble to pass the time. Gotta love it.

What does Val's day mean to you? It's 9pm where i am and  I can honestly say it meant NOTHING. Just another day. Though I did receive a text from my SO since his val's day is just beginning. Time difference is a pain. So yeah... Feb 14th.. just another day. Don't feel bad if you dont have a valentine.. the day was originally meant to appreciate your friends so go ahead and do that!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

~Palm Reading~

Aight so it's only been, what, an hour since my first blog post? Anywho, I went out with a friend and his girlfriend plus his crew (I wont even go into details else i'll get upset) a couple of days ago (where i FINALLY found loc gel!! it was like 5 times the price but what can I do) and there was this machine there that read your palm. Now we all know those things are a load of s*** right? Hmm. Lol. Well. When my reading came back i was like, dude, wth? Eerily on point. I was a little unsure about a couple but the others were.. whoa. Ok so here's what I got:

1) You are gifted with excellent critical capacities

2) You enjoy excellent health although you often abuse it

3) You are materialistic by nature and tend to be sceptical

4) You must wager. There is no choice. You are already committed (i didn't really understand that)

5) You are sometimes compelled to act against what you would wish and this creates nervous tension and anxiety.

6) You tend to put the people you love on a pedestal and naturally you don't expect them to ever step down.

Freakishly accurate...

I'm Blogging! :-)

So.. I did it. I am officially blogging LOL.

Ok so at the moment I'm in Malaysia. I was looking forward to it because once again it presents an opportunity for me to.."define" or "recreate" myself (I said the EXACT same thing when I went to boarding school.. and when I went to uni :S). So far it's been ok... hot. Not complaining... I specifically asked for no AC because I want to soak up all this heat. Already had a fallout with some dude who was "trying to be my friend" (yeah right.. do i look like an idiot? idiot..) Er.. I think that's it. But really though. This blog will *fingers crossed* keep me on track. By the time I leave i should:

1) Have started my locs. Am cutting my hair on Thursday.. aaaaaaaahhh!! Right now I've got my hair in kinky twists... Started taking them out at the back and was braiding my own hair as I went along. I cannot believe I'm actually cutting it. I will be cutting off between 6-8 inches.. depending on which side of my head. I'm gonna have a TWA for a week and then.. LOCDOM. This blog will document my journey. There are some other loc blogs out there but I felt like they didn't supply the information I was looking for so the plan is for mine to fill those holes.

2) Be on top of my studies. For real. It's Chinese New Year (CNY) so we've been off since the 11th. On the 10th I only had 2 hours of lectures. Do you know what I have done so far? Nada. I have sat in my room, watched the few movies I have on my laptop numerous times as well as gone over all 5 seasons of Family Guy that I have. Not good. Starting tomorrow, I will get my act together. I think.

3) Have lost weight. In boarding school I played basketball (mainly).. we trained for about 3 hours every other day. When I went to uni I was scared to join any sports teams. As a result I gained about 10 kilos. Yes. TEN KILOGRAMS. And it shows. I didnt really think it was that bad but the first thing everybody said to me when they either saw me in person or in pictures was "OMG you've gained so much weight!!" Gee.. I hadn't noticed. Thanks for pointing it out though. Regardless of what people were saying, I mean forget them, I wasnt and am not happy with it. I can barely climb stairs without having an aneurism. So.. I've joined my faculty and uni basketball teams here and have bought a sit up bar (even though I only did sit-ups once this week. oops) By the time I leave I should be looking sexy! (or at least moderately so)

So.. yeah. That's mostly what I will be blogging about. All these things are important to me and I feel that as I go through the steps in each of these... I will eventually find myself; what makes me happy and who I am. I will occassionally blog on God... kinda controversial for me but when He's on my mind... I'll talk about. Till I get the urge...

Stay safe! xoxo

PS: Motives and Thoughts was what I wanted to ball this blog based on this poem.. instead I'm making it a sub title :-) enjoy