Saturday, March 27, 2010

Today was a good day...

Nothing particularly special happened. I woke up at 10am after having gone to bed at 3am. The sun was shining all day; kinda made me want to go out but that was long, besides there is no where to sit and just enjoy it. I did my usual rounds, Facebook scrabbled, looked for summer jobs (to no avail.. meh), did most of my chemistry report (I'm only left with assigning groups to the IR peaks), took a nap around 5 till 7 and just ate. I'm considering starting my physpharm coursework tonight; it's a 2000 word dissertation on Parkinson's disease, the rough plan was to get 500 words this weekend. So yeah. I dunno, I just felt like today was a good day. I think I'm healing mentally and emotionally. The bad stuff still comes up from time to time but I think on the whole, I'm getting better. At least that is what I'd like to believe. Anyway. I think it was the sun. And the fact that I woke up early, I usually don't get out of bed before 1pm on the weekends. I wake up around 11 30am, 11 45am and stay in bed till 1pm. But today I woke up and got up. I'm inspired to start exercising again LOL. Like I said, I lost some and put on double. I want to jog but I don't want anyone to see haha so ideally it would be in the morning before the sun comes up otherwise it would have to be in the evening when people are around (middle of the day a big no-no.. people and sun). BUT that would mean going for a jog around 6 30am. This idea does not sit well with me. I could always come back and nap again before class but I tend to overcompensate if I have interrupted sleep and would probably end up missing class. I don't know. I'll think about it some more. Oh and I'm also thinking about changing the background of the blog.. liven it up a bit. All this happiness... I wonder how long it will last. Anyway...

In all though... today was a good day :-)

Friday, March 26, 2010

First Wash

Tonight I was on Nappturality when LadyLock28 submitted a thread on her locs (we have the same starter loc date). She was saying how she hadn't washed her babies yet and neither have I. Another member whose locs I admire told us to wash our hair. I've been cleaning my scalp with methylated spirit. I actually wanted to wash my hair in the FIRST WEEK but I was convinced not to. I didn't feel like my hair was particularly dirty but I did want to wash it so tonight I was like what the heck. Stocking cap over my head and bit the bullet. I won't lie.. it felt good :-D. On the flip side, almost ALL the locs on the top of my head came out. How depressing. These were the ones I had done with aloe vera gel. Bit of a disappointment because I was hoping to use it regularly. I guess it's too early for aloe vera gel. The parts that did maintain some kind of definition just look like... coils. I mean you can actually see the hair spiralling round in a cylinder. No kind of loc form at all. The back and sides are kind of ok; a couple in the back unravelled but otherwise they held up ok. The roots are puffy so I'm not exactly looking too hot. I'm not really sure how I feel about them at the moment. I guess I will just have to wait to see what they look like tomorrow morning. And another thing.... shrinkage. The coils have shrunk in the front (at least these are the ones I can see) . I have loose hairs around the coils which seem to have merged with random locs around them.. I'm not sure if this is a result of the washing or it was like that already. *sigh* Chale. Prayers. It's dark atm so I'll take pics later. Toodles

Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm Locking

Hey y'all. Long time no blog. A lot of horrible things have happened but that's another blog all together. I've started my locs.. yipee!! March 7th 2010 is my locuversary (it's amazing the number of different names people have for this). I was bent on comb coils but my friend who started it for me palmrolled, which is fine with me. They don't look half bad. At first I thought they were too big but I split a couple yesterday so now I have 86 locs. Very cool. A few are kinda thin but I'm hoping and have been reassured that they will fatten up. Fingers crossed. Alright not too much talk this time but a NUMBER of pictures so get ready. I apologise in advance. Toodles

I've split a few, combined a few and I now have about 78 locs, maybe 80. I'm finally happy with the size so I guess this will be my permanent loc count.

Bantu knots in the beginning

Bantu left

Bantu right

Ok from here on this is what looks like now it's taken down





Front (duh. Sorry i look so awful)