Friday, April 30, 2010

Why my locs will not be permanent

Reading blogs and threads of hair care forums about people taking down their locs has intrigued me. A couple of weeks ago I read a blog where a woman transitioned out of her locs to an afro (the page was hacked and was thus closed down. bummer because she had nice pics and a decent  account of her experience). I must be honest and say my locs will not be permanent. Why? These are my reasons:

  • These locs are not perfect. I mean I don't want them to be perfect perfect but I do want them to be a certain way and right now they do not live up to expectations. I feel like these are more of a test run set. Hopefully I will learn alot with these so my next set, whenever that will be, will be healthier, I will be more knowledgeable on what works on my hair and they will be more aesthetically pleasing to me. I know, it's early days yet with this set but that is how I feel. Maybe I will want them bigger, or smaller. In all, this set is the set to teach, the next set will be to implement what I've learnt with this set.

  • I plan on going into politics in Ghana at some point. I'm young and have plenty of time to change my mind but right now, that is what I want to do. Heck I want to be the first female president (I've worked it out, it will be circa 2044 if everything goes according to plan)  Ghana is progressing, slowly though and for this reason I don't plan on running with locs. The country can handle a natural president but I don't think they can handle a locked one. I honestly feel that is asking too much LOL.

  • I was only a loose natural for two weeks. I see so many pictures of BEAUTIFUL loose afro hairstyles and really want to rock them at some point. Seriously. I want to be that cool mum with big hair that is on POINT haha. I imagine taking my kids to school and having the pupils stare at me in the car park in awe. Yeah, I'm vain. Shoot me :P

So, yeah. Only three reasons but I feel very strongly about them. Hence, these locs will not be permanent. I may change my mind in the future. If I do, I will let you know. Should I decide to take them down, I'm not sure how I would do it. For some reason I want to shave my head to see what I would look like with a low cut. At the same time taking them down seems like an interesting concept; I wonder how much length I would retain, what state my hair would be in. I've seen pictures of some people's hair after a take down and it looked so ratty, I felt they should have just cut them off. THEN AGAIN lol transitioning would be a really cool idea. I mean, I also want to try out that look where the locs are only at the back. Think of the styling options that would give!!  *sigh* Listen to me. The locs aren't even mature yet and I'm already thinking about how to take them down. Shame on me.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


NO MORE!! I am NOT taking down any more locs!! Seriously! 

I took down another last night :-( It was in the front. It had a bit of lint in it; all this lint is confusing me. I can't wait to get back to England and try out the Tresemme Vit C Deep Cleansing shampoo; I hear it's really good. But back to the topic at hand. I refuse to take down any more. Literally a minute ago I had my hand in my hair and was feeling a couple of big ones, contemplating taking them down to resize since they are next to skinnier ones. Those are on the right. Then I have two big ones on the left that I could adjust to three smaller ones. Because they are going to puff up right? And they are already big. Aaaaaaaaaaargggggghhhhh... No. I am determined to be satisfied with my lot. My hair is fine. Their size is fine. They will look great. Everything will be fine. Other people's hair is great, and mine will be too. Even if they are different sizes. That will make them unique right? I mean, if I keep taking them down I will never lock. And the aim is to lock. So yes. *Breathe* OK. I mean, if I don't like them in the end I can take those specific ones down. Plus if I wait I will have a better idea of how I would like them right? Ugh I'm all over the place I'm sorry. I'ma stop now.

EDIT: Does anyone know how much locs puff up by? Roughly? Twice the original size? Half the original size? Anyone?

EDIT2: OK I know I said I wouldn't.. but I'm taking down the two in front (middle of my forehead) and making them three when I wash next week (May 9). *sigh* It is the last time though.. seriously

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Size Obsession and Lint

Hi hi.. soooo lately I have been OBSESSED with the size of my locs. I stalk blogs and fotkis thinking "that's how I want mine!!" before proceeding to stand in front of the mirror and agonise about the state of the locs on my head. I have so few, thickness is a big worry for me. There is also the fact that locs thicken up over time; I think the size the locs are NOW is how I want them to eventually be. So what do I do? A veteran locker told me that the locs will swell up, hence the buds, and then eventually thin again, though she didn't say whether they thinned back to the original thickness or not. I'd imagine not? Oh lawd. Just a few days ago I took down two to resize them; one was big, the one next to it was small and it seemed so ridiculous that I made them roughly the same (The big one was budding which was a little disheartening to take down). But I have others like that; one on the left side of my head is big and surrounded by smaller ones. Which do I take down to add hair from the bigger one from? It's stressful. Talking to my sister right now, she expressed a thought that I have had from time to time. I should have gone to a professional (she says my locs look wonky...???). Looking at pictures with real parts and everything makes me feel this way. At the same time I'm just like whatever you know? They'll work out eventually. That's the hope anyway. It is just so FRUSTRATING!! I saw this picture online today from this website and nearly DIED from the shock of the sheer AWESOMENESS
Her hair has nice parts, the locs dont look too big or too small... I want that!!! All this locking being a chance to be free with your hair.. I'm not getting it at the moment. The only benefit is being able to wake up in the morning, spritz and run out. Everything else is just.... UGH!! 

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand the dreaded lint. When I took down the two to resize them, there was lint in them!! Like the tiny balls you get on clothes that have rubbed too much... I hope you understand. I mean it was only like two balls per loc and a few thin stray strands but still! Lint!! I was confused because when I take off my scarf in the morning, I'm running out of the door which means I'm already dressed and stuff. Then I remembered.. I wear a scarf when I put ON my clothes but not when I'm taking them OFF...aaaaaaaah. Lightbulb! So. I will start doing that now and hopefully it will help prevent futher lint getting into my hair. I can see a clarifying will be of great benefit when my locs are eventually mature enough to handle it. 

Today is the beginning of week 8. I mean, I don't really think I have that many original locs on my head since I keep taking them down to resize them but still.. yaaaaay for the few original ones!! Most of the others aren't too far behind.. I did most of the readjustments in month one; the ones I did last week were the only ones I've done in a while and I think will be the last. Another update next week to celebrate 2 months of locking. Toodles! (I should really stop saying toodles but it makes me laugh :-D)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Second retwist and buds

Hi hi. Long time no blog. Posting will be sporadic because it's exam period so forgive me. I shall return full time though.. soon :-)

So. I'm... 7 weeks into this process (starting today). It's going along.. albeit slowly but I've tried to stop thinking about it. It seems to be working. I've decided to wash my hair every three weeks now. My hair starts to itch at about two weeks but I stretch it to three in order not to retwist too often. I have a few thin ones which I'm scared about so yeah, three week separations. I keep taking down some because they feel too big but I think i've got most of them at the same size roughly. Oh and I hate hate hate the locs on the top of my head because that's where I had the heat damage so those ones are kinda fluffy no matter what I do, even after retwisting. Ode to the damaging effects of heat. Washing is a pain because the roots mash together and it is KILLER separating them due to all the unravelling. Can't wait for them to become proper locs as I'm sure it will get better when they do because there won't be all the unravelling. Plus I'm washing through a stocking cap which I think is contributing. I THINK I've started budding.. I'm not sure. They are mostly at the back and on the slightly thicker locs and in the middle of them though on one it's at the end. Couple of pics (webcam pics are a pain.. sorry they are kinda rubbish)

Can you see?? Like I said, idk if they are buds or not but whatever. Let it do what it has to do. I was spritzing my hair with water in the beginning but someone put me on the whole oil in water spritz so I switched to a spritz with coconut oil and water. It was great! My hair was soft and smelled great haha. However, towards the end (before I did the retwist) I think I was spritzing too much too often so my hair was feeling dry. Actually my hair is dry now but I think it's a result of the ORS gel.. not sure. I'll start spritzing again this evening but I've cut down on the amount of coconut oil in the mixture. I'm so buying a bunch of coconut oil before I leave here; it's RM10=approx £2 but at home it's about £3.50. Broke student, that £1.50 is a bus fare. It adds up. Plus it smells really, really REALLY good. It makes me hungry lol.

Sooooooooooooo.. yeah. That's where I'm at right now. I'll update when I make my locs soft. Toodles


Um.. I'm finding more of the "buds" lol. Very weird. They're.. crunchy. Hard to explain. Scratchy but they feel sturdy when squeezed and bounce back. *shrug* Anyways.. I opened my curtains (i haven't opened them in like 2 weeks.. seriously. I'm closing them again) and took a couple more pictures

and this is pretty much how i wear my hair these days. I love waking up, spritzing, shaking my head and running out. I remember how in GIS I used to wake up 30mins early so I'd have time to do my hair.. smh

(wow my eyes look really dark.. i need to sleep and get a facial. I deserve one. Sorry)

My lock twin showed me love on her blog... isn't that sweet?? She's going to wake up in a few days and find that BAM! she has buds!!! :-D

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hair Update

Oooroite.. It's the end of my fourth week of locdom. I washed and retwisted this week.. The locs mostly maintained their general form during the wash. Retwist took ages.. ugh. I need me some clips ASAP. This is how they looked before the wash



After the wash they looked like this.. you can see how they maintained the coil at the tips/ends


I had mad puffy roots LOL

After the retwist I wore my hair like this for the majority of the week

Sorry the picture is kinda rubbish.. for some reason I took the picture after class when it had started to rain so my room was dark

I've taken the knots down; they were uber curly immediately after and it was driving me nuts. The locs were coming out of my head at odd angles, I looked awful. Right now they are down.. the curls have kinda dropped. They start to look rough quick... Not sure how I feel about that. I don't think I'd mind if they had condensed and were looking like real locs but they just look.. messy. I know you are supposed to embrace the fuzziness but it isn't real fuzziness. At least not to me. IDK. The ends of some of my coils are doing this weird thing where they get puffy and then split in two, what's up with that? It looks like I have two-headed dragons already. 

Good side... I think I'm budding!!! This is mostly on the thicker locs; where the retwisted hair/roots meet the old twisted hair if that makes sense.. and in a couple its towards the end. I'm not sure if they really are buds. Hoping they are though :-D Plus two of my friends have gone natural as well.. YAY! I am immensely proud of them. Natural hair FTW! (I can't believe I'm using that term, when I first heard it I was like WTH). I promised you all a picture of my afro.. I leave you with this LOL...