Sunday, April 18, 2010

Second retwist and buds

Hi hi. Long time no blog. Posting will be sporadic because it's exam period so forgive me. I shall return full time though.. soon :-)

So. I'm... 7 weeks into this process (starting today). It's going along.. albeit slowly but I've tried to stop thinking about it. It seems to be working. I've decided to wash my hair every three weeks now. My hair starts to itch at about two weeks but I stretch it to three in order not to retwist too often. I have a few thin ones which I'm scared about so yeah, three week separations. I keep taking down some because they feel too big but I think i've got most of them at the same size roughly. Oh and I hate hate hate the locs on the top of my head because that's where I had the heat damage so those ones are kinda fluffy no matter what I do, even after retwisting. Ode to the damaging effects of heat. Washing is a pain because the roots mash together and it is KILLER separating them due to all the unravelling. Can't wait for them to become proper locs as I'm sure it will get better when they do because there won't be all the unravelling. Plus I'm washing through a stocking cap which I think is contributing. I THINK I've started budding.. I'm not sure. They are mostly at the back and on the slightly thicker locs and in the middle of them though on one it's at the end. Couple of pics (webcam pics are a pain.. sorry they are kinda rubbish)

Can you see?? Like I said, idk if they are buds or not but whatever. Let it do what it has to do. I was spritzing my hair with water in the beginning but someone put me on the whole oil in water spritz so I switched to a spritz with coconut oil and water. It was great! My hair was soft and smelled great haha. However, towards the end (before I did the retwist) I think I was spritzing too much too often so my hair was feeling dry. Actually my hair is dry now but I think it's a result of the ORS gel.. not sure. I'll start spritzing again this evening but I've cut down on the amount of coconut oil in the mixture. I'm so buying a bunch of coconut oil before I leave here; it's RM10=approx £2 but at home it's about £3.50. Broke student, that £1.50 is a bus fare. It adds up. Plus it smells really, really REALLY good. It makes me hungry lol.

Sooooooooooooo.. yeah. That's where I'm at right now. I'll update when I make my locs soft. Toodles


Um.. I'm finding more of the "buds" lol. Very weird. They're.. crunchy. Hard to explain. Scratchy but they feel sturdy when squeezed and bounce back. *shrug* Anyways.. I opened my curtains (i haven't opened them in like 2 weeks.. seriously. I'm closing them again) and took a couple more pictures

and this is pretty much how i wear my hair these days. I love waking up, spritzing, shaking my head and running out. I remember how in GIS I used to wake up 30mins early so I'd have time to do my hair.. smh

(wow my eyes look really dark.. i need to sleep and get a facial. I deserve one. Sorry)

My lock twin showed me love on her blog... isn't that sweet?? She's going to wake up in a few days and find that BAM! she has buds!!! :-D

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