Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My locs.. are no more :-(

Yes, it's true. I no longer have locs :-( I combed them out the night before the world cup. Why? Ugh, so many reasons. Mostly all the critisism; everybody had something to say about them and it played on my already present insecurities. Fear not, they shall be reborn on July 1st! I'm going to Morris Roots at Archway, North London to get them started. It's a smallish salon but the people seem ok. The guy that did my consultation for me was nice, though he had a really heavy accent so I had a little bit of trouble understanding everything he said and he spoke to me as if I had no knowledge about locs at all, even though I'd told him I'd just combed out a set. Never mind. I'm excited, though I am enjoying my loose hair. The frohawk is my signature look atm, hehe. Ah well.. I can be loose in the future. Oh and my sis has gone natural.. yay! She kept her braids in for 6 months (I know right, who does that?!) and so she had to BC. Looks nice on her though she's not so sure. I think she should dye it to give it a little.. OOMPH but hey, no one ever listens to me, even though they eventually end up doing what I say. Ayt, I'll be back when my new set arrives. Until then, pics of how far I'd gotten in my journey. I was actually loving them. They were starting to look like real locs and the size, though a little big, was not THAT bad. Aah, the beauty of hindsight. Anyway... The pics are a little crap so forgive