Thursday, September 30, 2010

Afro Throwback

Ok if you remember, I did not have my camera for a while so I was unable to take pictures. This coincided  with my loose days (aww..i miss my fro hawk) thus, I have no pictures of my beautiful 'fro. BUT! I have FINALLY managed to connect my phone to my laptop via Bluetooth and hence have a kind of grainy pic of my hair (courtesy of my crappy phone camera), which coincidentally is partially covered. Better than nothing huh?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eleven Weeks In

Yup, it's already week 11 (come Thursday). I've lost track of the weeks now. They are doing well; ends seem to be sealing i.e. feeling hard but when I combed them out I noticed that the lint had moved down to the ends though granted it wasn't that much. To be completely fair it is my fault, I didn't sleep with a scarf for about 3 weeks straight. Live and learn. Did a self retwist last week (got a job.. yay!) that required me to look very neat (plus Dad wouldn't have let me go to my new job with my hair all over the place lol). Did not look half bad. Here's what it looked like today:

I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon at Morris Roots Highgate branch so I'll post pics then. Washed my hair again tonight lol.. erm. That's it. I found some cheap coconut oil at Superdrug; only £1.99 which I use both for my hair and my face when OCM. Check it out. Alright.. Toodles xoxo

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oops.. I think I've messed up my locs

Um, yeah. I feel like made a mistake. Basically, I've had my hair back in a headband consistently for like a week straight now so I haven't really looked at my hair properly in a while. Took off the headband a couple of minutes ago and examined my hairline. Noticed that I may have combined a couple of locs in the front. Uh oh. The rest are skinny whilst that one (which is decently locked considering.. hmph) and the one next to it are bigger than the others. Realised that I have most likely accidentally combined them after washing since they were so small. Damn. Very annoying. This is what they look like:

Pretty noticeable. Hmph. I am not impressed. Not sure what to do since I have a salon appointment on the 15th in preparation for school. Have a job (YAY!) and therefore need to retwist my hair this week (they are quite particular about presentation) so I may take it down and redo it. I'm getting a feeling that I've mistakenly combined quite a few at the back. Man. Extremely ticked off.