Monday, January 31, 2011



As it's a special occasion, I shall grace you with my face as long you promise not to be too scared :P

 I'll post pics of myself from the weekend tomorrow when I'm more sober haha.. Toodles!! xoxox

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

6 months 2 weeks

Time really does fly. I have to actually remember to check how old the locs are, isn't that amazing? I'm still with it, and I must say, they don't look too bad. I'm still not sleeping with a scarf so major lint issues. I really need to start covering my hair or shutting up about how bad they look as a consequence. I'll be in London this weekend for my birthday (my birthday is on Monday but going down to spend the weekend with the fam) and will be getting my hair hooked up at Morris Roots whilst I'm there. I'm sure my loctician will chastise me because I haven't been there since September.. oops. Oh well.. Never mind. Today I washed my hair and did a deep conditioning with a coconut milk, olive oil and honey feels great. I think using olive oil was a better choice, even though I may have been a little heavy handed, because my hair feels really moisturised. Followed up with my Mist Bodifier and coconut oil, of course :-) I have actually stopped using my TresEmme and started using the black soap I use to shower, LOL. Only because I've heard people raving about it and since I use it every day on my body, I decided to try it out on my locs. My hair did feel a bit dry the first time but the locs felt good. Maybe it will become permanent, who knows? Time will tell. There is less crawling these days at the roots, for which I'm sure you will know I am eternally grateful for. The locs actually feel and look loc like if that makes sense.. J'adore. Ok pic time.. I'll update next week with pics of my birthday hair :-P (Click on all to enlarge)


 Prewash back

 Prewash side
 Steamy post-wash
Deep conditioned

I'm happy :-) Toodles! xoxo

Thursday, January 13, 2011

So far..

Reading through my posts and cannot believe how far my hair has come! Looking at week 8, 11, even 14 is weird. I can barely remember my hair looking like that lol. Pic time!

Toodles! xoxo

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Combined Locs

If you remember, I combined some locs behind my right ear earlier? Well, I combined a couple more. I want to combine others but I'm a little scared, though I don't really know why. Ok, I am not scared, I just do not know what to combine them to. Do you remember the loc I took down and split in the front? I recombined it yesterday LOL. I don't even know why I bothered to separate it. These are the combined locs (click on all pics to enlarge):

 I think they are meshing rather well, don't you think? Especially the first two of others, you can barely tell. But, when I took down the end of one loc to combine for the last one above, there was lint!! I was actually quite upset, like wth??
(dunno if you can see it) For that tiny bit I combed out, it was quite alot. I need to get more strict with covering my hair. I want to combine the ones on my hairline but I am uncertain. The parts seem okay so they should end up the size as my other locs but are considerably smaller at this point in time. Maybe because they are not locked to the same extent? I decided to wait a bit to see how it goes. Otherwise.. I'm good. Decided to add a couple of random hair shots, just to show what's up with the locs..
 in the process of taking down the front flat twists..
Toodles!! xoxo

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Lil Over 6 months

Well... I'm still with it. Laziness took over at some point, as well as the fact that I am in Ghana and my hair feels completely different, i.e. wonderful. Love it. Got to Ghana a week ago, after not having twisted since October 10th I think it was. I liked the look.. didn't really care. Family, not so much. We were still in the airport carpark and my mum asks "So when are you going to do your hair? It's looking matted." iLaughed. Yeah.. Next morning, Dad looks at my hair, shakes his head and says that I need to do my hair... It looks ok for when I'm in England as I'm a student but now I'm back home, it needs to be done. I just kept it moving till a few days ago when I got it twisted at this natural hair salon in Accra called Twists and Locs Salon. The price was a bit steep for Ghana, a whole twenty Ghana Cedis, PLUS an extra five because I used their Taliah Waajid Lock It Up Gel. The extra five irritated me because I JUST bought a pot before I left and my sister took it out of the suitcase without me knowing so it is still in London. Joy. I liked the result though.. got the front flat twisted and left the back though I hold up the front half. This is what I look like atm:
A couple of days old at this point..

Freshly done..
And here's a texture shot, two months and a bit untwisted:

Yeah. Oh I bought the Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodifier. Did I mention I love it? Ok, well, I love it LOL. Amazing. My hair feels brilliant and I adore the way the teatree makes my scalp tingle. It's creamy so I was a bit worried at first but if you rub it in it disappears almost immediately so it's all good hopefully. My brother broke my new bottle of coconut oil, like two days after I got here so the bodifier is all I have been using. I should use some of my sister's olive oil at some point. And I've realised my hair is getting longer! Yup. Now it tickles my neck and gets wet when I shower. Not that I mind but yeah... I'm in love with my locs again. All my friends LOVE them which makes me feel even better about my hair. Watch this space... Toodles!! xoxo