Thursday, February 17, 2011

33 Weeks.. How many months is that?

Hey y'all. Been a minute. I lost track, I kid you not. I barely notice them these days. 
So what's up with the locs? Hmm..They're doing alright. I have one loc that REFUSES to loc, not sure if I've mentioned it before. It is beyond frustrating.
Two strand twisted it again today before I washed, if it comes down again I'll braid it. I was thinking about joining it to the one behind but I don't really want to because it's the same size as the one on the other side which is doing just fine. I also have this anorexic loc right in front.. It is driving me INSANE. I'm so worried about it. There isn't really one around it that I can comfortably combine it to, unless it's one behind it but that is not ideal. Was considering taking it down completely and starting it over again.. maybe it was the stretching of the professional retwist that made it so skinny.
For real.. It's enough to make me cry. Aaaand.. I snipped off a loc. Yeah.. It was thinning seriously, no idea why. Maybe because of the extent of meshing back there and the need for ripping but I could feel where the discrepancy was. The root was thinner than the actual loc if that makes sense so I cut it off where the root met the locked hair and combined the resulting loose hair to the loc next to it. Here's the loc 
I picked it out to see what was going on in there.. Good news- No buildup. Bad news- Lint. Grrrr.. Will I ever be free of the dreaded lint? Come on now! I read on Nappturality that bentonite clay can help draw it out.. I'm going to try that when I feel my locs are mature enough to handle it. My locs feel scratchy.. what is that about? Man.. I really wish they'd get their act together. Going for my cousin's party next weekend so I'll retwist and hopefully manage to style them some way. Will put pics up then. Until then, I leave you with a random hair shot
Toodles! xox

Friday, February 4, 2011

Inspirational Picture

Had to post this. Kind of looks a bit like mine did a Christmas.. j'adore! It gives me hope for mine. xox

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

30 Weeks, Fresh Professional Retwist, Birthday

Grr.. I'm being lazy. Typing is a lil long right now so I'll just post the promised pics. My hair was clipped back on one side with the rest left to its devices. Hope you enjoy!
 my birthday cake, made by my lovely cousin


 beautiful outfit, courtesy of Jane Norman sale (jumpsuit and necklace), New Look (jacket) and Rachel Stewart Jewellery (earrings)

My hair now.. OK you HAVE to admit it looks so different from when I started. And I'm getting length... I see that loc on my neck poking out!

Toodles! xox