Monday, March 21, 2011

I've been featured!

YAY! I have had the honour of being featured over at iRockLocs! Thank you so much Kim!
You can read my feature here.. Tell me what you think! Enjoy!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

New salon??

Yes, I may have found a new salon in Nottingham! Whooop!! I just googled it because to be honest, even though I miss my loctician, I cannot keep paying £50 to get my hair hooked up. That is not including the train/coach ticket to get down there and back up in the first place. In comes Naturals @ Evindi. They seem decent, though I cannot find their prices on the website so I will be calling on Tuesday to find out. Their Facebook page claims they offer 20% off on Tuesdays-Thursdays for students, which would be EXCELLENT for me. I only hope that they are not expensive BECAUSE they know they are tapping into a niche market. Plus, the salon is not even that far away from where I am here.. I could walk if I wanted (not very likely though, it's a 30 minute journey on foot) but 15 minutes away on the bus! YEEEEEEESSSSS!! I am quite excited. Fingers crossed! If all goes well, I will be doing my hair here at the end of April, and maybe even everytime I come up to Nottingham should I decide to go with the dentist here. *dancing*

Toodles! xoxo

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Shampoo!

Yes, I did it. I bit the bullet and bought the Honeysuckle Rose (HSR) Moisturising Shampoo. I also got their Rose Mosqueta Nourishing Shampoo. I will not tell a lie, it really touched me to buy the products but Aubrey Organics UK is selling them 15% off.. I am yet to see them for this price and you guys know I've been looking since October last year. I figured I might as well get them now because I don't know how long the offer will last for (if you are interested, be quick! They are also selling their GPB stuff with the offer of buy the conditioner and get the shampoo free). Ordered two days ago, they came this morning. Speedy delivery, that's what I like. Now, when to actually try them out? Not sure. Still have some TRESemme Moisturising shampoo left over and I don't know if I want to finish that first. Then again, I suppose it would be best for me to try it now and if I don't like it, I still have some of my usual to use. Ok, will wash my hair this weekend, providing I'm not working and will post the review soon after!
*Excuse the face. Darkened room/lack of sleep/crappy webcam, all working against me :-(*

~And shame on you all. None of you thought to remind me that it was my one year natural anniversary?? SMH. Terrible. LOL. I'll compose a slide show soon of my hair through this year. Ok, back to coursework. Cannot wait to hand this stuff in, then again, I need an extension to finish this thing!!!
Toodles !xoxo
ETA: I just remembered, I have no camera! Thus I won't be able to post pics of my first wash with the HSR. Thus, I'll wait till I get to London next weekend to wash and charge the battery. Soz folks!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Oil in Shampoo

Quick post y'all.. I have coursework to do and this procrastination is getting out of hand :S

In an attempt to add moisture to my locs, I used this "trick" of adding oil to my shampoo, the oil in question was plain olive oil from Sainsbury's lol. It was a bit of a feat getting it into my TRESemme bottle but I managed it in the end. The first thing I noticed is that you need to shake it thoroughly before using it. Otherwise it won't mix well. Do this every time you use it because it will separate. What I also noticed is that it turned my clear shampoo into a creamy one. It scared me quite a bit, I can't lie. I was just thinking, OMD I've ruined my shampoo!! I didn't though, it turned out alright in the end; I just remembered to rinse thoroughly afterwards in case of build up. I did notice a difference in how my locs felt the first time.. yessir. They did feel softer. Noticeable, but not revolutionary. Effects lasted for a couple of days, then it reverted back to type. Ok I say a couple of days.. more like five or six. The second time around I didn't get the same result, no idea why. Maybe I didn't use enough shampoo? I was in a bit of a hurry, was late for class that day. Will try again this week hopefully and see.

So, yes. Those that are suffering from dry locs and use SLS shampoos, maybe this could help? 

I will be posting pictures up soon, as soon as this blasted coursework is submitted, I promise, even though there is not much happening with them.. just looking messy as usual lol. These days I keep them covered mostly

Toodles xoxo

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Are you rinsing enough?

Hi everyone!
So. Not much happening with the locs again.. just rolling with it. I retwisted a couple of weekends ago but guess which intelligent person left her camera charger in London? Yeah. I only got a couple of pictures at my cousin's birthday party and even with that, my hair isn't really on show. A shame, I styled it really nicely and everything. One girl actually came up to me to say she was natural as well, loved my hair and wanted to know about it. How beautiful. I was feeling myself. Haha..
My main topic of today's post.. rinsing. At the risk of repeating myself, are you rinsing enough? One time I was in the shower and rinsed for an extended period of time by chance. That day, my locs dried really quickly. My edges dried within the hour. I'd been having issues with my hair taking a while to dry lately and I've been afraid of my locs moulding. Rinsed extensively again the next wash and voila! Dry hair really quickly. I'm guessing I had residue in my locs after washing that was causing it to take long to dry. It worked so effectively that when retwisting, most of my hair had dried when I was less than a quarter way in. Amazing. Majority of my hair now dries within about four hours indoors, with the only slightly damp locs in the middle of my head. Now I rinse for about 5 minutes after washing, scrub myself (as I wash when I shower), rinse my body while allowing the water to run through my hair and when I'm done with the suds, let it keep running for an extra 5 minutes which totals to about 10 mins, slightly more.
Erm.. yeah. A "revelation" lol. Just thought I'd share. I hope it helps 
Toodles! xoxo