Thursday, April 7, 2011

Washing without retwisting

 Hi everyone,
This is just a quick post in response to beautiful me's comment/question on my previous post. Now, as I type, I have not retwisted my hair since the end of February. I did the front loosely last wash and that was it. So right now i'm heading for the not twisting for nearly two months route again. This does not affect my washing, I still wash roughly every week-10 days. Worried about unravelling in the early stages? Ok for the early stages i.e. the first 3 months or so I washed every two to three weeks but wasn't retwisting each time. To minimise unravelling I wore a stocking cap that looks like this:
and shampooed through it. 

I would take it off to rinse though, to allow for the gunk to come out properly. Afterwards, I would "pop" the locs, which is just gently separating the locs at the roots especially because they do mesh. In the beginning popping was a really tedious process because of the extent of meshing.. it drove me insane. But to have separate locs and not just one big one, it's necessary. Around month three or four I abandoned the stocking cap and washed normally, popping after washing as per usual and this is what I do now. As time goes on the meshing at the roots gets better and so popping doesn't take so long. When I pop mine I take my time; I don't rip them. I take the time to feel where the root is and slide the hair out of the loc it has been joined to as a result of the wash. I will admit I rip the locs further down which sounds worse than it actually is.. if you just pull the locs they will separate on their own with little need for delicate popping because the hairs here aren't really meshed, just caught if you catch my drift. After popping, I just let my roots be great! 
LOL.. well if that really isn't your cup of tea you can do braid outs to minimise the freeform appearance, which is what I did when I had to go to work but couldn't be bothered to retwist.
The older the locs get, the less afro bed I get anyway due to the fact that my retwists last a little longer now, dunno why, and the fact that the locs are locking lol. So yeah. I know the text is all over the place but I hope it helps!
Toodles! xoxo


  1. Interesting. I just washed my locs and it's so tempting to just leave them be but I don't know how that would go over at work. Thanks for sharing. . . back to popping my locs.

  2. Thanks for posting this! I was so concerned about washing with out twisting, but I think it will really be worth it and I could possibly stretch the time in between retwisting.

  3. You're welcome guys! I'm glad it helped :)

  4. I can tell you the stocking cap works. This method is exactly what I did the couple times I DIY @ home. Think I need to go longer without retwisting though just generally. Every 4-5 wks I am back at the shop for a reloc. Not sure how the seniors at work would take the fuzz
    If I do go longer, I'll def let you know, Mz Teequal.

  5. I know I am late but I came across this post because I was searching what would happen if I just left my hair as is after washing. Right now I have starter locs that was installed with two strand twists and I just washed them on Sunday for the first time. None of them came out, maybe because of my kinky texture and the length ( 6inches). But my problem is, I would like to wash my hair every two weeks at the least but I suffer from dry itchy scalp and dandruff so I want to wash once a week instead but I don't want to constantly retwist my hair. So thank you for this!