Saturday, May 14, 2011

44 Weeks & Anita Grant Peppermint Babassu Shampoo Bar and Raspberry Rhassoul Deep Condish Cubes Review

Phew! What a long title! Hello everyone! Been a while. Technically I shouldn't be on here.. it's exam period and I am so stressed out it is not even funny. Yet I had to update you on my hair; I've been terrible lately. So. What's up with the locs? Well, they entered their 11th month last Thursday (I'm really awful at this.. bottom line, they turn a year on July 1st) .. I can't believe it. It's been nearly a year since I combed my hair. Wow. I will not lie.. sometimes I miss loose hair but I just tell myself that locs are not forever.. I can cut them off and my hair will grow back, not a big deal. Still.. *sigh* Here's my hair today. Nothing spectacular.. rather crappy shots tbh but my room is a mess so I didn't really have much choice when it came to where to snap them from..

Yeah blud. I will say.. shrinkage grates on my nerves. When it's wet the back is chilling on my shoulders, getting close to my collarbone and I'm all like yeah boy! Then it shrinks and the back coils up into a bob e_0. Not feeling that. I'm not length obsessed but being deceived isn't fun LOL.

Right! Onto my product review. I was feeling really bummed out about my dissertation (horror story omg.. but I submitted it yesterday whoop!) and decided to spend some money to cheer myself up (like I've got money to be throwing away smh). Been hearing loads about Anita Grant so I decided to head over there and see what she had. I ended up getting the Peppermint Babassu Shampoo Bar and the Raspberry Rhassoul Deep Condish. It took a couple of days before my order was shipped because they make it by hand but after it was shipped I got it the next day.. Yay! Plus free delivery.. I was happy :-) The box was really sweet when I opened it..
like a present! Anita hand signs the receipts as well.. I love that. This is what my goodies looked like:
Deep Condish Cubes
Peppermint Babassu Shampoo Bar
Did I mention the smell from the shampoo bar was wonderful?? I could smell it before I even opened the box.. Mmm. So the next day, I tested them out. For the shampoo bar I cut off two slices of the following proportions:
Shampoo slice
and being the cheapskate I am.. used half a cube of the rhassoul. The instructions say use about 30ml of hot water for one cube so I should have only used 15ml but being the too-known person that I am, I said "that cant be right!" and added more than that. Note: the manufacturer usually gives these proportions for a reason LOL. I ended up with a runny mixture.. it was alright in the end but I had been hoping for a thicker mix.
Cheapskate proportion of cube
My runny mixture
First.. the shampoo bar. My word. I loved it! The lather was so rich.. quite surprising really seeing as it has no sulphates. It took a while for me to master the art of using a shampoo bar.. ended up with loads of lather on my right side and struggling to lather on the left but I got it in the end. Most of the lather was at the roots.. I can only imagine how luxurious this shampoo would be on my loose hair!! I didn't really need to scratch or anything.. it just felt like it was working if that makes sense. I did also have a bit of difficulty lathering up the locs but again, I got it in the end.. eventually I used one and a half slices for this wash. My hair felt so clean and I hadn't put as much effort into scrubbing as I usually do. Or maybe I did but the lather was so silky I didn't really feel it. Either way.. top marks. Now for the condish cube. To be completely honest.. I hated the smell. I don't know what possessed me to order raspberry because I can't stand it and the scent was a little strong. Not really her fault. Next time I'll get the banana one :-) Trying to figure out how to get this thing on my head was a feat.. my previous experiences with coconut milk made me wary of me pouring the whole lot (what little there was of it) over my head for fear of it just running through my hair and down the drain. So I cupped what I could in my hands and poured it into different spots on my head. To my surprise, none of it came out.. My hair just absorbed it. Left it on for about 45 mins before rinsing it out.. afterwards my hair felt good but I decided to wait before passing judgement until it dried because with the HSR shampoo it felt good but when it dried, not so much.

Wow. That night was so weird. My hair was sooo soft. It was ridiculous. Still slightly damp but only when I squeezed it so it wasn't that bad. For real.. With my scarf over my head, laying down, my hair felt loose. Like mush but in a good way. Amazing. Remember how I'd complain about how soft my loose hair was but when I got to the locked part it was really rough? My locs felt as soft as my roots.. I kid you not. Still felt locked, but soft. I'll use the shampoo again soon and see how my hair feels after then let you know. All in all.. Thumbs up Anita!!

Let's see.. what else is up with my hair? Like I said, I've switched to castor oil.. well I mix it so I have a two part castor oil one part coconut oil mix.. seems to be doing well so far. My flaking has gone down a lot. You know.. all these changes.. I wonder if the weather has something to do with it. It's gotten warmer now so maybe it has a bigger role to play? Idk. Buuuuuuut, the week I started using the castor oil, my flakes stopped. Because of the flakes I was having to wash every weekend but I waited nearly two weeks to wash my hair and the flaking appeared towards the end and was minimal too. So I really don't know. Oh and another thing.. I've realised my scalp needs air. Sounds silly but at some point I was covering my hair practically 24/7 for days on end and my scalp punished me for it. So now I air my scalp by leaving my hair out for a bit. Obvious but really does alot for me. Did I mention I love my shed hairs? So cute.. little O's all over the place. They are all over my locs as well.. I'll miss them when they lock up too :D
Gotta zoom in to see the Os
Alrighty then! A lengthy post to go with that lengthy title! Like I said, I won a giveaway so after my exams I will have a product review of that for you. Till then... Toodles!! xoxo


  1. Thanks for the review. I've never heard of the company before.

  2. :O ABOMINATION! LOL. She's a UK based business but I do believe she has an American stockist, Hairrogant. Maybe some others. Do check her out if you get the chance!

  3. Aha, I started laughing when you talked about the cheapskate thingy - I did the exact same thing when I ordered from her, except I wasn't smart enough to cup and apply - I threw it over and then scraped off the floor #noshame.

    I'm glad you enjoyed using them though! ^_^

  4. i looove your blog!!
    I am definitely going to forward this post to my sister who is locking!!