Thursday, March 14, 2013

British Natural Hair Blogs

Hey guys! Ok for some reason I am getting pretty frustrated by the lack of UK based blogs dedicated to natural hair. I have encountered a few but out of those few, some of them have dropped off the radar. Even more frustrating? UK based blogs about traditional locs!! The little number of blogs about locs in the UK talk about Sisterlocks. Yeah. So, I'm making a list. Please feel free to comment to add any you recommend or find! This list will be updated as and when I find new ones
AfroDeity (shop and blog)
A Bountiful Thing
Care For Your Hair
Natural Belle (fashion and natural hair)
The Natural Lounge
United Kinkdom

A Dreadlocking Journey
Diary of a Natural
Joyful Locs
Loc and Roll
Me, My Locs and I

Love Life and Locs

Yeah, so this is what I've got. There are a few out there that I did not add because I felt like they were not as focused on hair as I would like. Got any others? Put them in the comments box below. Toodles! xoxo

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  1. Ooo I missed this one. MzT I am with ya. Ever since I started my journey I've been looking out for new/revived UK loc blogs hoping that I'd find a secret society I was missing out on but in reality there aren't a lot of us. I also have an added frustration in that I haven't found many blogs on traditional thick locs UK or otherwise. I see gorgeous pictures, tumblr logs of mature, loc flowing dreads but I've yet to find the back stories of how these manes have grown. I'd like add Natty at to the list if I may. Good topic!