Monday, June 10, 2013

Curlvolution 2013!!

Hello hello hello!! How is everyone doing? Sorry I've been away, exams were kicking my butt lol. I'm done now though and I'm all yours! Bank holiday weekend was jam packed with natural hair events. Unfortunately I had an exam on May 31st so I had to pick just one to go to and Curlvolution was it! Being the broke sad student I am, I was hesitant to buy my ticket but this was an instance where procrastination paid off because I won a couple of tickets for myself and my sister, courtesy of ORS UK! Whoop!

My sister having not done as I advised and washed her hair the night prior instead of that morning meant we were a couple of hours late (just as Jimmy Akingbola and Chizzy Akudolu of Holby Citywere leaving!! Upset!) but I still found it very interesting. The MC for the day was Action Jackson, a motivational speaker. Guys, he was awesome! I loved him! He was funny but his words were powerful. I would PAY him (if I had money of course) to be my life coach. You can check him out on YouTube I believe and he said he has a book coming out either this summer or in September. I shall be purchasing because this man really is something else. I encourage you to get to know him!

Action Jackson in action
As soon as I got there, it was time for AfroBella! Despite sitting at the back it was great to get to actually see her in the flesh. From what I remember she did not speak too much about hair, it was more on how she came up in the blogosphere and how attitudes to natural hair are changing. 'Twas short but sweet! I think her time was limited, I wish I had gone to the Strength of Nature event the next day only because I feel she would have spoken a bit more there than she had done at Curlvolution. Either way, I can say I saw AfroBella IRL!
Next up I believe was Dr Hair. To be honest, I have never heard of this man before but he is supposed to be this renowned hair expert. Ok. He came on, seemed friendly and quite jokey. He started off with a poem about how we are not our hair but we should take pride in it. He then went on the speak on the rebranding of Organic Root Stimulator, about how we should be taking care of our hair such as washing every couple of weeks, regularly going to a professional (he recommended once a month; I can remember  thinking I was too broke to go as often as that). The most controversial thing I can remember him saying was that with the rise of natural hair has come the rise of blogs and bloggers are liars. Point blank. Umm.. what? Come on now. I don't believe there are many, if any bloggers out there who are liars i.e. intentionally spreading wrong information. It's easy to be misinformed and some people don't know better. That's different to actively deceiving people. I was a lot taken aback by that comment and honestly, it reeked of someone losing their target audience and trying to discredit the competition. I'm not saying he was wrong, I'm saying to me, that was the wrong way to get his point across. There was then a Q&A session which I found a little funny. He kept saying he wasn't trying to sell us anything but whatever problem you had, ORS had a solution. Anyway. It was an experience.
The man himself
                   With Anastasia of Purely Natural. I've heard mixed reviews about this salon in Stratford
There were then presentations by the exhibitors, coming to tell us a bit about their products. Present was Ms Akua Wood of Shea Butter Cottage, BeUnique, I Love Afro, SuperFunkyMe Accessories, You Naturally, Mane Divas, Afrocenchix, ImanMade, Ayamour, Naturally Nourishing, Design Essentials, Darren Scott and Root2Tip. I loved hearing from these people, like BeUnique who gave us the slogan which, if I remember correctly was "I'm natural, I'm blessed, I am amazing", ImanMade who would be perfect for people with extremely sensitive skin as she does, SuperFunkyMe Accessories was very sweet, Afrocenchix was pretty and charismatic and Root2Tip's Sal who gave her presentation with her daughter Heaven.

Sal and Heaven
The only presentation that was not up to par was Design Essentials. In my opinion they were terrible. Yes, terrible. Their presentation was so boring, at some point there were more people outside the room then inside it. It dragged, the stylists did not have much to say, the man actually wasn't sure of what the term co-wash meant. I went to their stand to take a look during the presentation and asked one of the attendants what products would be ideal for locs. The lady actually said "oh we only have products for natural hair." MAJOR SIDE-EYE. I kind of know what she meant but merely the fact that she said it took it like that to another level. I was disappointed, especially since they are part of Sof'n Free; theirs was my choice relaxer back in the day and to be honest is the relaxer I would recommend to people even now as I never got burns, it was gentle enough for my hair (I used Just For Me before this because every other relaxer was too harsh) and my hair came out perfectly straight and silky each time. SMH

Root2Tip on the other hand. My sister and I visited their stand a couple of times before taking the plunge to buy stuff. I know we must have looked really weird going back but not buying anything but we are broke so we had to make sure LOL. Sal was very attentive, she listened to my concerns and recommended the Triple M Moisture Milk for my parched locs. She was very friendly, I found myself talking about my blog (she recognised me!!) and how locs get no love, loose naturals who BC-ed after me have surpassed me in popularity (no hating, just saying) and I never get any free products to review. She gave me a product to review there and then, free of charge! At that point I felt really bad, I must have sounded like I was fishing for something but I wasn't I promise! Very grateful for the gesture, product reviews to come soon! Besides from the Moisture Milk I got the Scalp Hydration Serum and the Root Energiser. You guys know I like to use a product a few times before I review it so the review will take a while but it will come! We also had a surprise visit from Taliah Waajid who were doing a presentation in Islington but swung by to say hello. I don't remember this man's name (sorry!) but I remember he was a Waajid himself with his brothers being present also.
Waajid's in the house
Finally, was Alim Kamara, a spoken word poet. Another man I strongly suggest you check out. His words actually brought tears to my eyes, no lie. Simply awesome
Alim Kamara
All in all, it was a good day out. Finally met Crystal of United Kinkdom, which was nice. Saw a few people I recognised but I was too shy to speak to them :( Maybe next time. My only criticism would be that locs were again underrepresented. Honestly, I counted about 10-15 loc heads in total. No more. There was no presentation that really spoke about or catered to locs, which was a shame. We are natural too world! But that's another post, I've had it on my heart for a little while so look out for it! So I had a good day and came out with some goodies! Not bad for a day out.
My stash at the end of the day
Phew! I know that was long guys, I'm sorry! Had to break it down. My next post will be on the Jane Carter 360 Blogger Collective that took place last week. Till next time. Toodles!! xoxo

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