Monday, July 22, 2013

3 Years! Plus Two weeks lol

Hey hey everyone! Been a bit, apologies. Not much was going on and I wanted to wait till my anniversary plus until I got my retwist in. You know I had not retwisted since March! Shame on me, tsk tsk tsk. Anyway. Three years. Wow. Honestly, it's a bit surreal but also a bit bleh. Can't believe it's been three years since I combed through my hair. Can't believe I made it. I was so close to chopping it all off just a couple of weeks before the date. There was a pipe cleaner debacle (AGAIN!) that really upset me and nearly lead to me rocking a buzz cut. No joke, I was on a hunt for a pair of scissors; only nearly being late for work stopped me.

I will update you in a detailed post soon on the problems I've encountered with my locs and I also have product reviews ready for you. My debit card is worn out with all the purchases I've been making! Don't even know why I keep buying stuff lol. Oh wait, I do. PAK started sell Shea Moisture after months of only showing it on the website but failing to have it in store. I also bought sample packs of Mixed Roots to try out. I have also found a new loctician down the road from me, walking distance, how awesome is that! Her name is Sarah of OneStop Dreadlock Shop in Holloway. I went there last week for a retwist before my mum's grad and she did a great job, PLUS she costs less than Morris Roots MINUS the bus fare. She's in the basement of a barber shop which means you have to go through the shop to get to her, something I found kind of intimidating. Self-conscious me walking through a barber shop full of men. Do I greet them, or just walk through? Plus being a barber shop I guess a woman walking in draws attention; just something about all the men's heads coming up when I walk in makes me uncomfortable. My issues though, not hers. Being quite small I don't expect there to be a wait in future; she started on my head immediately and took a break to finish off another lady's before dedicating her full attention to me. Sarah is very friendly and spoke to me throughout the appointment. I wasn't as awkward as I usually am, yay me! Gave me some advice on maintenance; I didn't realise my freeforming could kill my locs like overtwisting could! She retwisted with hemp oil (it looked like Kuza) and did a wash with some kind of tea tree shampoo or something. I love the feeling of tea tree on my head so I didn't have an issue with it but I guess those who have essential oil allergies would prefer not to have that step. All in all, loved her. Bye MR!

So I'm going to leave you will a gallery of my hair as it looks now. You will notice my red is not as vibrant as it usually is. Honestly, I love the usual colour but I hate hate hate how it only lasts about three washes and leaves me with orange locs till my next session. My solution was to permanently dye my hair with Textures and Tones then lay the Crazy Colour on top. Not as bright, but more likely to last. Tell me what you think and don't forget to update me with your loc stories! Toodles!!
UGH! Need to hit the gym. Watch this space
Look at where the locs at the back hit! Whoot!

Do you see progress??
Bonus shot.. my updo from my mum's graduation


  1. Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary. Your locs look like they're in spectacular condition and I won't be surprised to be reading up on your 4th anni soon enough. Isn't flying it though and that hot red for the summer we've been having, I imagine it'll last a good while. What's that bra length in the back? In only 3 years!! Do you have a desired length or have you passed it already? Congratulations to you mother also! :D

    1. Thank you NaturaLocs! Well, my cousin is getting married next May so they'll stay till then. Can't guarantee time after that lol. I wish it was bra length, it's just the odd one at the back row that's nearly there.. fooling us!! Desired length.. hmmm. Honestly, not sure. I remember being anxious to hit collar bone length based on the pictures of others which I think I've hit but I still think they are not long enough to do anything with. I believe my lack of styling skills manifests as dissatisfaction with length. Ugh, so many issues!! lol

  2. Congratulations on reaching 3 years! Love your avatar on Nappturality.

    1. Thanks! Drop by and say hi on my NP profile! xoxo