Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pipe Cleaners: Part 2

Sup everyone!! Is everyone ok? Great! As am I, ta. Jumping right to it.. short piece again. My pipe cleaners were a success; my mum has been harassing me since to redo them instead of wearing my hair straight in my usual fashion. Typical lol I loved the volume they gave me to be honest. Certainly a one up from my braid out. It has been a great experience. One of the downsides was I struggled to put all those curls in a ponytail! When I did manage to get them in, it looked great. I wore it more on top of my head than at the back but I rocked either way. Another issue I had was that I found it difficult to keep my hair moisturised during the style. I wanted the curls to last as long as possible and hence did no misting as water would obviously cause them to drop. Result? Crunchy hair and a slightly techy scalp. My curls stayed in for about 3 weeks.. you guys know 10 days is my wash mark. In all, I enjoyed them. Definitely recommend you try them. Hopefully in the future I will try and style the curls more. Hit the jump for pictures!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Pipe Cleaner Curls, Part 1

Hey guys! What's crackalacking? LOL. Hope all is well with everyone. Getting straight down to business.. I finally managed to get pipe cleaner curls! Whoop! I was so happy peeps. If you remember my first attempt was last Christmas in Ghana. Didn't work out; I didn't have enough pipe cleaners plus I didn't leave them in long enough. I ended up with some extremely loose waves. My friends liked it at the time, I hated it. Fast forward to second attempt a few weeks ago. Wasn't even an attempt.. I started to put in the pipecleaners, got about a third of the way in and decided I couldn't be bothered. Started to take them out and my hair had done the same weird thing it had done the first time and wrapped down to the wire. Ended up ripping a bunch of them out. SMH. Queue the beginning of August. My friend from law school was getting married and since I'd just retwisted my hair a couple of weeks before, I decided to try the pipe cleaners again. RESULT!