Monday, September 16, 2013

Pipe Cleaner Curls, Part 1

Hey guys! What's crackalacking? LOL. Hope all is well with everyone. Getting straight down to business.. I finally managed to get pipe cleaner curls! Whoop! I was so happy peeps. If you remember my first attempt was last Christmas in Ghana. Didn't work out; I didn't have enough pipe cleaners plus I didn't leave them in long enough. I ended up with some extremely loose waves. My friends liked it at the time, I hated it. Fast forward to second attempt a few weeks ago. Wasn't even an attempt.. I started to put in the pipecleaners, got about a third of the way in and decided I couldn't be bothered. Started to take them out and my hair had done the same weird thing it had done the first time and wrapped down to the wire. Ended up ripping a bunch of them out. SMH. Queue the beginning of August. My friend from law school was getting married and since I'd just retwisted my hair a couple of weeks before, I decided to try the pipe cleaners again. RESULT!

It took me about three hours to put the pipe cleaners in my head. I was not impressed guys. There were so many times I was tempted to just give up, but I persevered. There were a few skinny ones where I put two on a pipe cleaner but for the most part, I had one per cleaner. I have about 160 locs. *sigh* It did give me the opportunity to realise how many double headed dragons I have. Need to take the time to go through and cut some off. I also combined a couple *shrug* Really wish they had just been good from the start. Anyway. So I left them in for about five days before taking them out. My technique could use some work; I found that for many of them, my ends had a much looser curl than nearer the root. This was especially true for the thicker ones. Taking them out was not very easy, again my hairs were wrapped to the wire but I guess being dry it was not as bad. You know how on YouTube videos people just take a pipe cleaner and slide the loc off? Yeah, that doesn't work. At least not for me. I found that I had to partially uncurl them before any sliding could happen. Which was a shame because it meant a looser curl. Anywho. Have some pictures!

GRR!! So sexy

Freshly taken down
So yeah. Forgive the poor quality, they are courtesy of my iPhone. I took them down a day or two before the wedding because my sister suggested I see what they look like rather than being confronted by a disaster on the day. What you can't see is a few that didn't turn out right that I reset in the back. For the actual wedding, I was running late (as per, but I wasn't even really late because the wedding started an hour and a half later than the time we were originally told!) thus I didn't have much time for styling. I simply bundled all on my head in a pony. Simples. I really liked the look, if I do say so myself

The perfect curl
Ready to go

In retrospect, I would have put in flat twists at the back leading into the bundle but hey, it worked out. My mum really really liked it. So here you are guys! My first success. I enjoyed them as well, loved the volume. My only gripe is the time it takes to put them in. This is a special occasions only style, or when I have a lot of time on my hands. Hopefully I can get my time down with practise? Anywho. Next time I'll be hitting you up with what I ended up with as the curls dropped. Until next time. Toodles!! xoxo

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